Founded in July 2019, Frida's Foundation is a volunteer based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to eliminate euthanasia of healthy owned pets and community cats through high-volume spay/neuter, community outreach, collaboration and advocacy.

SPAY/NEUTER: Central to Frida's mission is educating the community about spay/neuter of companion animals and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) of community cats. TNR is a proven method of humanely and quickly reducing community cat populations. Our goal is to reduce the cycle of animals born on the streets to fend for themselves and those brought to animal control facilities. We provide low-cost and free spay/neuter for community cats and companion pets for qualified caretakers and families in areas of systemic poverty and families who are facing job, medical, and food insecurities. Using proven strategies to reduce shelter intake, our program has already made a significant impact in our target areas as we work to sustain a no-kill community.


COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Frida's Foundation serves low-income families primarily in Clayton and Cherokee Counties, providing life-saving strategies to keep the human-animal family together. We bridge the gap for struggling families by providing cat food and dog food until they can get back on their feet, and we work to provide cat food for caretakers who participate in our TNR program. Frida's Foundation takes a non-judgmental approach combined with compassion in order to provide basic rights and essential resources for the animals and people we serve.


COLLABORATION: Frida's reaches out to partner with veterinarians, low-cost spay/neuter clinics, rescue groups, food pantries, and other community organizations that spay/neuter, TNR, foster, and rehabilitate pets and community cats in Georgia. We are a solution-driven organization that is empowering the community and creating positive, immediate change.

ADVOCACY: Crucial to Frida's Foundation is advocacy, with particular focus on shelter advocacy and street advocacy. In 2013, the CEO of Frida's Foundation, Diviya Roney, founded Friends of Clayton County Cats. At that time, Clayton County Animal Shelter had the highest euthanasia rate in all of greater Atlanta. In only six short months, Diviya's efforts brought the cat euthanasia rate from 95% to no kill. Likewise, Diviya envisioned and formulated the first TNR ordinance in Clayton County to ensure a better outcome for all the community cats. Frida's Foundation continues to focus on reducing the shelter intake and euthanasia in Clayton County through innovative strategies, saving thousands of lives each year. We similarly advocate for community cats in Cherokee County. In just over a year, Frida's Foundation has made tremendous progress in transforming animal welfare to serve both pets and the people who care for them in our target communities. 



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Lifting people out of despair and giving hope to the hopeless truly goes hand in hand with the core mission of Frida's Foundation. Frida's Foundation will continue to honor the life of the late Ms. Katie Bell who committed suicide in 2014. This is a legacy foundation of a special human and her two very special cats, Max who crossed the rainbow bridge at 18 and Frida who crossed at 17yrs 4months.

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