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Crucial to Frida's Foundation is advocacy, with particular focus on shelter advocacy and street advocacy. In 2013, the CEO of Frida's Foundation, Diviya Roney, founded Friends of Clayton County Cats. At that time, Clayton County Animal Shelter had the highest euthanasia rate in all of greater Atlanta. In only six short months, her efforts brought the cat euthanasia rate from 95% to no kill. Likewise, Diviya envisioned and formulated the first TNR ordinance in Clayton County to ensure a better outcome for all the community cats.


Frida's Foundation continues to focus on reducing the shelter intake and euthanasia in Clayton County through innovative strategies, saving thousands of lives each year.


In just over two years, Frida's Foundation has made tremendous progress in transforming animal welfare to serve both pets and the people who care for them in our target communities. 


Jack was rescued from Clayton County Animal Control in 2014. He was thrown out from a moving vehicle when he was 5 weeks old. He is now 7 years and lives in Washington State.

BUDDY - Cherokee County Street Cat 

Buddy is a success story. This senior cat somehow ended up with engine burns or chemical burns while living the rough outdoor life. One of our volunteers found Buddy and took him to Sandy Paws Vet in Marietta, GA on Jan 27, 2021. He received extensive wound care and with all the tender love & care he healed up perfectly. Buddy has been ADOPTED by his finder and caretaker.

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