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Contact your county animal control shelter Immediately. Go to the facility in person every day, and do not trust information given over the phone. Each facility takes in a huge number of animals each day, and many of them look similar. Contact ALL Shelters in Your Area. A list of area shelters can be found at www.spotsociety.orgMany shelters euthanize animals within 3-5 days to make space for incoming animals. 


Post Lost Pet Flyers All Over Your Neighborhood. Include a clear photo. Use large, bold black letters—2 inches and paste the flyers to neon poster board to attract attention. Put flyers on stakes in the ground at busy intersections within five miles, and post lost pet flyers at nearby veterinarian offices and businesses. Make sure to put the location where the pet went missing on the flyer.


Ask Neighbors to Check Their Garages and Sheds. Start close to your home and spread out. 


Crack Open the Door, etc., Where the Pet Went Missing. They usually return at night. Keep the lights off. Use a trail cam to see if your pet has been returning at night. Take a flashlight and look in low spaces. 


Post Your Lost Pet on NextDoor, local FaceBook groups, and missing pets sites. If you are not on FaceBook, remember many pets are found this way, and your pet is possibly already on one of those sites. 


If You are Missing a Cat: do not call your cat’s name or chase. Just talk softly to them. Do not put out your cat’s litter box because it only attracts other wildlife and predators. You can put out a shirt or blanket that has your scent on it.


Try to Trap the Cat: Please see our TNR Instructions in the Trap Neuter Return section.


When you Find Your Pet: Get an ID tag for Your Pet that includes your phone number and address. Inexpensive tags are available from Petsmart or online. Microchip your pet. When animals arrive at a shelter, they are checked for a microchip which will reunite you with your pet. It is painless and can be done at most clinics. Get ID tags in addition to a microchip because someone could pick up your pet without taking him to a vet to be checked for a microchip. Get your pet spayed or neutered. Please see a list of low-cost clinics in the Pet Help Resources section. Keep Your Pet Indoors. Indoor pets are much less likely to go missing. We hope you find your pet soon!   

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