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Diviya Roney, Founder & CEO

I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration, emphasis in Finance.  My passion and research in the field of Cancer took a turn in 2013 when the Captain of Clayton Co Animal Control asked for my assistance with the cats - their euthanasia rate was well over 95% at that time! Every feral cat was killed without even a chance! I started Friends of Clayton Co Cats and my group has saved the lives of over 13,000 cats in 6.5 years!

Frida's Companion Animals Foundation Inc. has been my dream. This year it all came to fruition! Our mission is to try to reduce the number of cats entering Clayton Co Animal Control by offering Spay & Neuter & TNR services to families that cannot afford it! We have also extended our support into Cherokee County and Henry County! Educating people on the importance of fixing their pets has been a key focus! While we help pets in need, we have decided to also help people in need!! We truly believe those causes go hand in hand!

F.C.A.F. will continue to honor the life of the late Ms. Katie Bell who committed suicide in 2014. This is a legacy foundation of a special human and her 2 very special cats Max (who I lost in July 2017 at the age of 18+) and Frida (who I lost this past week at the age of 17+, the namesake of this Foundation)!  Lifting people out of despair and giving hope to the hopeless - 1 family and 1 pet at a time is what we stand for!

Dr. Lisa King, DVM

I received my bachelor’s degree in Zoology in 1992 and went on to attend the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 1996.

I joined Animal Hospital of Towne Lake/ Cat Clinic of Woodstock in 2008, after directing a practice for 12 years in Alpharetta.

Frida was my patient and everyone at the Clinic has heard me say on multiple occasions that she was just the sweetest cat ever.  When I heard of the creation of Frida’s Companion Animals Foundation, Inc., I knew this was a fabulous cause for both pets and people.  I am very happy to be part of this organization that’s trying to change the lives of so many!

Mary Hunter Mercy

I grew up in South Carolina and graduated from Converse College.  I began my career in the broadband industry in 1998 and in 2013 founded a manufacturer's representative firm to serve that industry.  


My passion for animal rescue began at a young age and thankfully my parents were very tolerant of the menagerie of creatures that I brought home.  I enjoy fostering for a local rescue and participating in neighborhood TNR efforts. 


I am honored to be a part of Frida's Companion Animals Foundation and look forward to helping further the mission of serving both the animal and human community.  I have a daughter who also adores rescue as well as our 4 cats, 2 dogs (all rescues) and a horse.

Kim Tussey Carter

I graduated from Indiana University and went on to get my CPA.  I started in rescue in 1994 when I moved to Georgia; when I saw all the startling numbers of animals euthanized here on a daily basis.  I volunteered for Good Mews back then.  I then started the cat program at Angels Among Us with Deb Smith in 2010.  I was the Director of the Cat Division from 2011-2014.  I currently foster and volunteer for a local cat rescue. 

I support Frida's Companion Animals Foundation as they truly help the cats & humans that have fallen on hard times so that they can keep their babies and receive food & vetting.  They fight for those that can't fight the fight!

Clemencia Carroll

Originally from Bogota, Colombia, I have lived in the United States for nearly 30 years.  I have lived in Florida, Arkansas and my current residence is in Georgia.  I have a Degree in Education but professionally I split my time between real estate and marketing for an investment firm.


Although I grew up surrounded by different species of animals, I became an animal advocate when my son left his baby Lulu, a Jack Russell Terrier in my care while he went to college.  With Lulu I have saved, rescued and continue to save many cats and dogs, either with rescue groups or on my own.

I truly believe in the Mission of Frida's Companion Animals Foundation and am honored to be on the team of such a loving, passionate organization that’s bringing about happiness in the lives of so many.