Keeping feral and stray cats warm in the winter months can mean the difference in life and death. When temperatures drop below a certain point, cats can develop hypothermia and freeze to death.

There are many outdoor cat houses you can buy online, or you can make some fairly simple DIY ones.


Do not insulate outdoor cat homes with fabric. With cats going in and out of the shelter, moisture retained by blankets makes the shelter even colder. On the other hand, WHEAT STRAW REPELS MOISTURE. Wheat straw is a great insulation and retains the cat’s own body heat. Cat houses should never be placed directly on the ground.  Use bricks or pallets to raise them 4 inches – this prevents flooding and reduces the cold. Mylar blankets are another great insulation. You can buy these on Amazon, Tractor Supply and even Walmart. Placing Mylar under the straw and lining the interior walls, floor and ceiling with Mylar blankets greatly helps. Mylar traps body heat and reflects it back to its source.

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