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What is FIP?


Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a viral disease of cats caused by the mutation of the feline coronavirus (FCoV). It typically strikes kittens and young cats under 2 years of age or older cats whose immune system has been stressed or otherwise compromised. Previously guaranteed a death sentence, FIP now has a cure.

There are 2 types of FIP – Effusive “Wet” FIP and Non-Effusive “Dry” FIP.


Wet FIP is characterized by a build up of fluid in the cat’s abdomen, lungs, or heart.


Dry FIP may present with a variety of symptoms, many of which are consistent with other conditions as well, which makes for a more challenging diagnosis. Cats with dry FIP often present with lethargy, fever, anemia, changes in overall behavior, diarrhea, not using the litterbox, or lack of appetite. Sometimes cats are also seen eating litter, referred to as pica. Neuro/ocular symptoms are also often seen in cats – changes in eye color, loss of balance, or weakening or total loss of control of their legs.


If you suspect your cat has FIP, please go to a Vet right away. There is no time to waste and medication must be started right away. Typical course of treatment is 84 days followed by 84 days of observation.


The Cure For FIP: GS441 ("GS")

Thanks to the extensive research of Dr. Niel Pederson of UC Davis, there is finally a cure - GS441524 also referred to as GS.


To learn more about FIP visit:


Dr. Neil Pederson released a summary of the full FIP treatment protocol in January of 2021. To learn more please visit:


If your feline child has been recently diagnosed and you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us right away via email: or send us a PM via Facebook:

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